About Us
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About Us


Etoy J Jackson, RDH

Etoy Jackson was raised in Southeast Texas. Her loved for dentistry started with her being diagnosed with tonsillitis, having to have them removed and wanting to keep them as a souvenir after the procedure so that a more “in depth study” could take place. During her recovery, looking for answers about tonsil stones through the home encyclopedia manifested itself into her first science project: “What Makes your breath stink”.

Her love for dentistry never stopped.  After graduating high school she began her career in dentistry as a certified dental assistant.  Etoy moved to New York and enrolled into NYU College of Dentistry after completion of prerequisites in Texas.  Once  she graduated in 2013, Etoy decided in 2015 to attend culinary school at The Institute of Culinary Ed. (ICE) 2016 grad. Her next step is to teach proper eating habits with dental education for better oral care and overall health care for all who are in need.  Helping others and giving back is her #1 goal.